We serve America’s rural communities through faith-based mentoring

How we do it

At Casting Vision Ministries, we aim for life-changing results through mentoring relationships that provide a positive role model through local community leaders and volunteers for youth and families. Many of our services intentionally overlap and strategically work together to serve youth, adults, and families in rural communities.

We identify a Champion Leader in each community and additional adult leaders that will work together as a team, with our ongoing support, to facilitate and expand their community-based program.

We utilize a comprehensive, structured approach promoting a long-term, minimum of a one-year mentoring commitment. We believe in addressing the needs of the whole person…spirit, soul, and body. That is why our ministry impacts rural America through expressions of faith-based mentoring by equipping youth mentors. There are leaders and qualified people who are already doing what they can to help their community; we come alongside these individuals to equip them to leverage faith-based mentoring.






Together we accomplish more

We will connect people in rural communities to the available local, regional and national resources. By bringing people together and building relationships with businesses, churches, community leaders, and schools to assess, structure, and implement a mentoring program to fit their needs. We recognize and value the fact that each rural community across America is very unique and we tailor programs to see long-lasting results.

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